About Me

"Even if you think you might lose, you'll be fine as long as you don't give up! Surpass your limits. Then a path will open up for you!" -Yami Sukehiro 

I think of this quote quite often as it has been how I kept myself going in the art world. So many people would tell me that I would never be able to make it as an artist or that I shouldn't see art as a realistic career. I always thought they were right before I tried passing my own limits in art, I did that when I went to a anime convention in 2023, the anime convention? Anime Riverside, on day 2 at anime riverside I was joking around with my friends in line waiting for them to open for the day when one said "Hey why don't you make a sign offering to draw people?" kinda like a joke. Since I had already done everything I wanted to do day 1 I figured why not it could be fun so I made a sign saying I will draw your character for $5 and a couple other things under it to be funny then proceeded to slap on some of my stickers. Well little did I know so many people actually wanted to do it and commissioned me to draw them for $5. Sure it was all quick sketches that took 5-10 minutes but they were all so happy with it. That day reassured me that I can be a artist like I want to and I don't have to be shy or quite about it.

This is one of the many cosplayers I got to draw during Anime Riverside. They were amazing to draw, McNoodleSoup  was so fun to work with and does amazing cosplays. They are one of the people that gave me the courage to try drawing other people for a small amount. I do try many different art styles and I am aware that I have far to go but that is why this website is here so I can keep track of my own progress and see how far I have yet to go and have gone. Whenever I draw someone or for someone I will try to mention them in the passages with the stories or meaning behind the drawings or just leave it out if asked to.  



You don't have to listen to the people that say "You can't do it, your not good enough, art isn't a real job" it can be a real job all you have to do is try. Trying and keeping yourself up is the hardest thing to do as an artist because the world isn't perfect it's always always always going to try to tear you down again. There will always be at least one person by your side that will tell you, you got this.